April 2, 2015

ei shohor jaane amar prothom shob kichuu....

First work with paint (14th Feb, 2015)
This is his favorite pass time now. When he gets a laptop, he open paint on his own, and creates his own masterpiece!

His first work with real paint (poster color and fingers)

His first meeting minutes (one day when mommy had an unscheduled late meeting, and his daycare had closed by then......It was a senior level meeting, other attendees included CEO, CFO and CTO! )

February 25, 2015

Witty one liners: Age 2 - 2.5 years

ami murgi khaina, amake chicckkkn dao

thik hoye jabe, ektu pore thik hoye jabe - when his mother said she got hurt

maa sunglass poro....onnek thanda

Maa ekhane bosho....niche onek thanda - Asking his mother to sit beside him on the bed

gondho beray - denying to finish his potty

maa, adil ipad e game khele, adil ke guli koro - he has the delusion that the ipad belongs to him

maa ke hachi dise? - when i said 'pakhi ajke onek bhaat khaise....alhamdulillah'

maa allah kore dao - holding a packet of chips, asking me to say 'bismillah'

tiger dekhsi, lion dekhsi, bear dekhsi, moneky dekhsi, batman dekhsi - replying to what he saw in the zoo


Conversation between us at the zoo
A: Maa, tiger ke 'kemon aso' bolbo
Me: bolo
A: Kemon aso? (to the tiger)
A: Maa, tiger ke 'thank you' bolbo
Me: bolo
A: Thank you (to the tiger)
A: Maa, tiger ke 'allah hafez' bolbo
Me: bolo
A: Allah Hafez (to the tiger, waving his hand)

Repeat full conversation infront of the lions cage, giraffes cage, donkeys cage, monkeys cage


maa, amar ghum paise......amake dhoro

ami strong hobo....amake lollypop dao when he was being preached how eating food would make him strong

maa tumi asho ekhane allah dao, maa tumi konui niye asho because he has a habit of fiddling with the elbow when falling asleep

nanu amake eksho taka dao, ami banglabazar jabo, ami chocolate kinbo

maa tumi raag korona, maa boka daona....ami ajke ghumabo na 
every night

amake pathay dao, amake or kase pathay dao on kareena kapoor while watching 'fevicol se'

good giiiirl to his mother, when she gave him chocolates (23rd Feb 2015 evening)

maa tumi jhaal khaona, jhaal khele more jaba over a packet of jhalmuri (24th Feb 2015 night)

ami chiriyakhana jabo, chiriyakhana jawa lagey.....chiriyakhanay spiderman ase one fine morning (25th Feb, 2015)

ami schoole jabona, ami classe jabo when his mother told him, she would take him to school one day  (6th March, 2015)

February 23, 2015


'ami sunglassman' :

Superman er 'Haumaukhau' :

Even a superhero needs his mommy in distress :D

February 1, 2015

Not guilty as charged

Last night little bird was getting hiccups. First they were normal soft ones, then it became strong.

We tried everything, but it just would not stop. By everything I actually mean giving him something to drink. He would not allow me to hold his breath, which is very understandable, and I was too lazy to find him a plastic bag.

So I tried the Bangla method, I tried scaring him. I gave him quiet a serious jhari, and it was most probably the first jhari of his life.

I just said two or three lines in a very strong voice, he then hugs me with his tiny hands and unable to meet my eyes he says 'ma, ami aar eom korbona' ( mother, I will never do it again) with all the guilt his little chest could bear.

Ure amar jaanta. Ure amar shona pakhita. If only I could make him understand that the cajoling was to stop his hiccups!

To me this was also a learning, as I got a hunch of a development milestone, whereby I now know that the little one can assign cause and effect relationship to events!

September 22, 2014

Witty one liners

mohammadpur jabona, chocolate kinte jabo ~ one day whilst returning from office 
(age 2 years 2 month)

bhaat khaisi, tooles khaisi, dim khaisi, ruti khaisi ~ when he woke up early one day, and I asked him what he did 
(age 2 years 1 month)

amake shaban dao....ami eom eom eom eom kori ~ rubbing his palm together
(age 2 years 1 month)

lebu diye shorbot banay dao
(age 2 years 1 month)

byatha pabo ~ when I asked him if I could eat him up
(age 2 years 1 month)

eta dekhina, ami hindi gaan dekhi ~ wanting to watch hindi songs instead of rhymes
(age 2 years 1 month)

maa boi porena, boi thaak ~ demanding attention from his mother
(age 2 years 1 month)

kheye dekho....ektu kheye dekho....annek moja ~ force feeding mother his food
(age 2 years 1 month)

kande na, ekdom kande na ~ trying to calm his fake crying mom
(age 2 years 8 days)

Amake katukutu dao ~ after waking up from sleep one morning
( age 2 years 3 days)

Ami noodles khaina, ami chaa khai ~ denying to eat his breakfast in the morning, and then gulping up a cup of tea
(age 3 days to 2)

Fik maro, amake chaade fik maro ~ wanting to travel to the moon
(age 22 months)

D for Dog Allah dise ~ on seeing a dog lying by the road 
( Age 1 year 10 months)

Zahra chole gese, ekdom chole gese ~ on Zahra (his aunt) leaving for Iran
( Age: 1 year 11 months )

Nana, Nanu, Dadu ~ replying to 'who loves you the most'
( Age: 1 year 10 months )

fotash ~ trying to blow and burst a sock near everyone's ear
( Age: almost 2)

annek jhaal ~ denying to eat his boiled egg
( Age: almost 2)

adel maiya, ami puula 
(Age: 1 year 10 months)

Ultimate lungi man

with cheese puffs on his face